The Importance Of A Good Bag

Who are favorite designer/name brand purses? Now that I’m on the go 24/7 I’m really starting to see the importance of quality bags. I have yet to invest in any high-end designer bag (Still no Gucci lol) but I’ve found some great quality bags over at River Island.

River Island is not new to the blog but I have yet to show off their great bags. Let’s just say you need to check them out ASAP. They have a large variety of had bags in different trendy styles.

River Island Handbags

There’s 3 things I look for in a bag:

1. Quality — not saying I’m going to beat my bag lol but I have to be honest I’m a little ruff and my bags definitely have to uphold whatever I put them through

2. Capacity — can my bag really hold my belongings surprisingly — not that many bags do a particularly good job of this holding all my junk lol

3. Portability — this is the part where I’m use to the straps on my bags always breaking. With that said I really make sure my bags have thick straps and are easy to carry around.

Now your turn I would love to hear about your experience with handbags,