Motivation Monday: 4 Important Things You Need To Do The First Month Of The New Year 


Happy New Year guys!!!! Last month I started preparing for the new year by first focusing on getting my life together and then I made some time for some self-care. Now that the new year is here I feel refreshed, and I’m ready to take on whatever comes my way. For me, this year is all about creating my own lane, but this can’t be done without completing these four important things before the month is over. This month I will elaborate a little more on each topic listed within this post.

Set Goals- Start Bringing Your Vision To Life

New Year New Goals, this is the month when you start to bring your ideas/vision life. It starts with creating goals that match your vision. Try to have your vision boards created and goals written out before the month is over. It’s time to birth those visions, guys!

doctor visit
Make or Check Up On Your Yearly Annual Health Check Up

When’s the last time you had your annual health check-ups? I like to take this month to check the dates for my last physical, pat test and dental visits. If any dates are over six months call your doctors offices and check in, they might suggest that you come in for an early visit – that’s a major win. 2017 is all about good health let’s get started early!

Save Money
Commit To Saving

Everyone needs a savings plan, and the best time to start or revisit your current savings plan is at the beginning of the year. This is also the perfect time to set up your vacation savings plan. I know I have a few travel trips set up so now it’s time to get my savings plan is in place.

Check Up On Relatives
Just this past weekend my grandmother had to remind me to check on my relatives. I felt so embarrassed and selfish after realizing that I haven’t talked to so many of my loved ones. I pledged that this is the year I plan to connect with my family more. A phone call every once and a while won’t hurt! 

Hope this post inspires and motivates you to be a BETTER you!!!!