What My Mother Taught Me In Her Last Year Of Life

Mother’s Day is here and it’s bittersweet for me, a little over 7 months ago I lost my mother to cancer. Every day is a struggle and it still hurts like hell but in the hurt, I think about the good. My Mother was a fighter and she loved helping others. When I moved to NJ with 2 suitcases and baby on my arm she took me in and helped me get my life on track. She never judged me for my poor decisions, she always said that I would find my way. In her last days, I knew she wanted to let go but was worried if I would be ok. September 13, 2015, was the day I knew she no longer worried and I took that as a sign to stop second guessing myself and to utilize what my mother taught me in her last year of life.


Have Patience 

I’ll be the first to tell you that I don’t have patience. This past year I had to step up as mother’s caregiver in the process I learned how to take my time and listen more not to just brush people off. This helped me map out time to spend with my daughter and to talk with her more.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Just like my mother I am a fighter, but sometimes I fight about the wrong things and my mouth can get me in trouble. Now when I feel the need to fight (not physically) I just sit and ask myself s it really worth my time and 9/10 it’s not, so I just keep it moving.


God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle

Even when we found out that my mother didn’t have much longer, she stayed positive and knew this wasn’t the end for us. We grew closer and she told me things that I never knew about her, my mother had many struggles in  her life and she made it out like a champ.

Enjoy Life

My mother always encouraged me to enjoy life and to keep reaching for the top. She told me I was somebody and that every somebody needed a break to regroup, set goals and get back on the grind.


As I continue to push through every day I think about what my mother taught me within the past year and how I’m also teaching my daughter the same things. She may not get it yet but once she gets a little older I can’t wait to tell/show her all the wonderful things that her nana has taught me. This Mother’s Day hug your mother a little tighter, kiss both cheeks and be sure to  thank her for all things she has taught you.

Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day


Mothers Day

Mothers Day
Mother's Day - 2

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