Why You Need To Give Dove’s Dry Spray Antiperspirant A Try (Review)

Lately I’ve been seeing everyone rant and rave about the new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant, My friends over at Simply Stylist sent me a couple to try out and I’m excited to see the results.  Dove is challenging everyone to #TryDry by testing out this spray, I’m up for the challenge so let’s see if it will be a sample in my beauty routine.


Information About the Product:

Dries instantly with 1/4 moisturizers to care for your underarm skin

Protection that lasts up to 48 hours

1 can may last up to 8 weeks and can be purchased at most drug stores in Canada and the US

Dove Dry Spray

I started my #TryDry challenge a couple of days ago,I tested for a couple of things such as:

Odor protection – Visible Residue

Odor Protection- I normally don’t have problems with underarm odor, only when I’m sweat.  I loved scents, It provided odor and wetness protection that lasted all day.

Visible Residue – I so dislike residue left on my shirt  and with normally I have stains all over my shirt from my deodorant sticks. I’m happy to say that this Dove Dry Spray left no residue after the product was applied.


Overall, I’m in love with this product, and will purchase it after the product runs out. I love the fact that it dried instantly and provided all day odor and wetness protection. This Dove Dry Spray made me feel like I had nothing on.  No greasy, wet or powdery residue could be felt and for that this Dry spray is not a staple in beauty routine. If you’er looking for an dry clean feel that will last all day, try Dove;s Dry Spray I’m pretty sure you will love it.

Have you heard of this product? What’s your favorite anti-perspirant/deodorant?

This post was sponsored by Dove, all opinions are my own. Special thanks to Simply Stylist!