Motions Natural Textures Review

My natural hair hardly sees the light of day, that’s why it’s very important for me to

take care of of my prior to installing weaves and while wearing a weave.
always trying out new products on my hair, but I do have a couple of
staples that I keep around. I was excited to receive a box full of
products from the newly revamped Motions hair care line last month.
Since it wash day, I decided to put these new products to use and show
you guys my hair care routine.
has a line of hair care products just for natural textures and let’s
just say I’m pretty impressed! Here’s a review of the products I decided
to give a try and I also recorded my hair care routine using these
motions products, see all below.
*Each Product Below Has a Mixture off all or some Shea butter, Coconut, Avocado and Keratin oils*

Watch My Natural Hair Care Routine Below

 Pre-Wash Detangling Butter
product right here is the truth! Being that I keep my hair braided for
up to three weeks I always need a pre-wash detangler, my hair is always
dry by my third week of braids. The moisture helps release any tangles
that you may have. The only con that I have is that there isn’t enough
product in the jar, I used half of the jar while detangling.


Moisturizing Cleanser (Shampoo)
have a love hate relationship with shampoo,  mainly because some
shampoos strip all the moisture from my hair. But this shampoo helped
remove build up and still left my curls with a little moisture, the smell
was also amazing. Although this shampoo isn’t sodium
laureth sulfate free the mixture of shea butter and coconut &
avocado oils made sure not to leave my tresses brittle.
Deep Conditioning Masque
Conditioning  is my favorite part of my wash routine. This conditioner
is said to bring make your parched curls more manageable and it did just
that. If your hair is dry this is the product for you.


Heat Styled Straight Finish Leave-In Conditioner
conditioners are me best friend, I love how they make my hair feel
after a good wash. This conditioner has a mixture of  keratin
oil witch provides strength and resistance, keratin oil protects hair
from heat and pollution. Since I plan to blow dry my hair this leave in
conditioner is just want the doctor ordered!
Versatile Texture Defining Cream
products isn’t actually an cream but more of gel/cream. Since I don’t
do twist outs I used it while braiding my hair just to add some moisture, I
loved that it didn’t make my hair wet but it was the right texture allowing my braid. I
also used this product on my daughters hair for a twist out and the outcome was
perfect. Looking for a flake free product that will define your
curls/twist etc. then you must try this one out.
  Overall I give Motions Natural Textures five stars, this is a line that all natural girls must try.Shop Motions Below
(Click on image to shop)

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This post was sponsored by Motions Hair Care.  All opinions
are my own.

Thank you for visiting my blog, I encourage and welcome feedback! XXXX




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