#ecactravels Roof Top Pimpin

Who knew Miami hotels have some of the best roof tops. This roof top blew me away only thing missing was a pool.

I picked the perfect hotel this time around while vacationing in Miami. I plan to do a full on review on this fabulous hotel latter tonight but for now check out this amazing roof top. Can’t wait until you guys see more pics.
Outfit Details:
It’s maxi season and I’m in love with maxi skirt from Fashion to Figure. When it’s hot I’m all about a maxi skirt or dress. This skirt was a hit while in Miami very colorful and yes for details. Fashion to Figure currently has a nice selection of maxi skirts and dress be sure to check them out.
Stay tuned for my final post of #ecactravels….

Top- Chic and Curvy Boutique || Skirt- Fashion to Figure
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